Freshcare producers certified to the Food Safety & Quality v4.2 standard (FSQ4.2) are now approved to supply to Costco Wholesale in the USA and Canada, reducing the need to implement multiple certification programs on farm.

Freshcare CEO, Jane Siebum says the approval to supply one of the largest international retailers, gives further recognition of the fantastic work participants already do, to achieve certification.

“By having Freshcare participants Food Safety & Quality certification recognised by Costco, it shows that Australian producers are already operating at the highest global standards.

“One of our key goals is to have the Freshcare programs recognised by as many retailers and customers as possible, to reduce the costs and resources associated with audits and assurance implementation for Australian businesses.

“Through gaining further recognition of our standards Freshcare continues leading industry assurance by creating a “one-stop-shop” for all our Australian producers and supply chain businesses,” Ms Siebum said.

Owner and Manager of Euri Gold Mango Farms in Bowen Northern Queensland, Dale Williams, says the acceptance of Freshcare by an international retailer is a great step forward.

“We are a Freshcare certified company, and we want the opportunity to utilise our Freshcare status.

“It’s important for growers to have an Australian quality assurance program recognised internationally, that gives access to international markets.

“Mangoes is a developing market in the USA, it’s a market we’re interested in, it’s not the only market, but it’s important to make this step with a commitment to expanding those markets,” Mr Williams said.

The process for gaining acceptance for FSQ4.2 by Costco began in September 2023. The Freshcare team have continued to work with the retailer to gain recognition for certified participants, looking to access its export markets.

The approval for FSQ4.2 participants who supply to Costco is effective immediately which covers all certified crop types.

  • Freshcare is a not-for-profit industry owned and governed organsation, consistently advocating for growers to gain recognition and secure the future of our domestic and export industries.
  • Freshcare does not received any government or levy funding, with all income from participation fees going directly back into operations and governance.
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