Australian Lychee Growers Association

The Australian Lychee Growers Association represents over 250 lychee growers whose farms extend down the east coast of Australia for over 2500 kilometres from Cooktown in Far North Queensland to Coffs Harbour in NSW.

Because ALGA is the peak national body, we initiate and oversee the promotion, research, export market access and the agri-political issues that will ensure the long-term sustainable future of the Australian Lychee industry.

new lychee box

New carton keeps fruit fresh for longer

The development of a carton with a remarkable clear window flap that helps keep lychees fresh for longer is set to boost sales this season.

It's new, exciting and has immediately become the industry's preferred carton.

Growers are urged to use it and consumers should keep an eye out for it - or more importantly, the fantastic-looking fruit inside!

lychee growing regions

Longest lychee season

The Australian lychee industry is unique in having the longest lychee production season in the world.

Due to the introduction of earlier and later fruiting varieties, and the extensive production zones from tropical to temperate climates, the industry produces fruit from October in Far North Queensland to early April in Northern NSW.

This gives the Australian industry a significant advantage over our competitors on world markets. No other country can offer such a long line of supply of a quality-controlled fresh lychee product.

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